Rolex Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Rolex.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Rolex 0890Rolex 1565 GMTRolex 390
Rolex 10 1/2HRolex 1566Rolex 395
Rolex 100Rolex 1570Rolex 400
Rolex 1000Rolex 1575Rolex 4030
Rolex 1001Rolex 1575 GMTRolex 4130
Rolex 1030Rolex 1580Rolex 420
Rolex 1035Rolex 160Rolex 434
Rolex 1036Rolex 1600Rolex 500
Rolex 1036 GMTRolex 1601Rolex 5035
Rolex 1040Rolex 1602Rolex 5055
Rolex 1055Rolex 161Rolex 510
Rolex 1055BRolex 170Rolex 520
Rolex 1061Rolex 180Rolex 530
Rolex 1065Rolex 1800Rolex 59
Rolex 1065 GMTRolex 1801Rolex 600
Rolex 1065111Rolex 190Rolex 611
Rolex 1065MRolex 191Rolex 618
Rolex 1066Rolex 192Rolex 620
Rolex 1066 GMTRolex 193Rolex 622
Rolex 1066MRolex 200Rolex 624
Rolex 1080Rolex 2030Rolex 630
Rolex 1100Rolex 2035Rolex 635
Rolex 1120Rolex 210Rolex 640
Rolex 113Rolex 2130Rolex 645
Rolex 1130Rolex 2135Rolex 65
Rolex 1135Rolex 219Rolex 650
Rolex 1151Rolex 2230Rolex 651
Rolex 1156Rolex 2235Rolex 6620
Rolex 1160Rolex 2291Rolex 7 U
Rolex 1161Rolex 23Rolex 700
Rolex 1165Rolex 2402Rolex 710
Rolex 1166Rolex 2403Rolex 72
Rolex 1200Rolex 2462Rolex 720
Rolex 1210Rolex 250Rolex 722
Rolex 1215Rolex 270Rolex 722-1
Rolex 1216Rolex 280Rolex 727
Rolex 1220Rolex 281Rolex 72A
Rolex 1225Rolex 282Rolex 72BC
Rolex 12BRolex 2834-1Rolex 730
Rolex 1300Rolex 290Rolex 740
Rolex 131Rolex 300Rolex 745
Rolex 1310Rolex 3000Rolex 750
Rolex 1315Rolex 3035Rolex 760
Rolex 138Rolex 3038Rolex 765
Rolex 1400Rolex 3055Rolex 775
Rolex 1401Rolex 3075 GMTRolex 780
Rolex 1411Rolex 3085Rolex 80
Rolex 147Rolex 310Rolex 800
Rolex 1475Rolex 3130Rolex 850
Rolex 1480Rolex 3135Rolex 8861
Rolex 150Rolex 3155Rolex 90
Rolex 1506Rolex 3175Rolex A260
Rolex 1520Rolex 3185Rolex A295
Rolex 1525Rolex 320Rolex A295 CAL
Rolex 1530Rolex 321Rolex A296
Rolex 1535Rolex 34Rolex A296 SS
Rolex 1555Rolex 350Rolex AR
Rolex 1556Rolex 360Rolex AR SS
Rolex 1560Rolex 374
Rolex 1565Rolex 380-2