Certina Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Certina.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Certina 102Certina 21-011Certina 314
Certina 104Certina 21-0114Certina 314B
Certina 105Certina 220Certina 320
Certina 107Certina 23-021Certina 320T
Certina 111Certina 23-14Certina 321
Certina 112Certina 23-20Certina 321T
Certina 113Certina 23-30Certina 324
Certina 114Certina 23-35Certina 324T
Certina 115Certina 23-36Certina 330
Certina 118Certina 230Certina 331
Certina 119Certina 233Certina 340
Certina 12Certina 24Certina 340T
Certina 12-10Certina 240Certina 341
Certina 12-11Certina 248Certina 341T
Certina 120Certina 25Certina 344
Certina 121Certina 25-011Certina 344T
Certina 122Certina 25-011 OLDCertina 35-021
Certina 123Certina 25-02Certina 350
Certina 124Certina 25-021Certina 351
Certina 125Certina 25-072Certina 360
Certina 127Certina 25-0721Certina 370
Certina 128Certina 25-0723Certina 384
Certina 129Certina 25-14Certina 400
Certina 13-10Certina 25-35Certina 401
Certina 13-11Certina 25-36Certina 404
Certina 13-20Certina 25-45Certina 408K
Certina 13-21Certina 25-451Certina 410
Certina 13-22Certina 25-55Certina 411
Certina 13-50Certina 25-551Certina 414
Certina 13-51Certina 25-65Certina 45
Certina 132Certina 25-651Certina 700
Certina 133Certina 25-652Certina 700-1
Certina 134Certina 25-66Certina 703
Certina 14-0213Certina 25-661Certina 703.1
Certina 145Certina 25-671Certina 704
Certina 147Certina 25-672Certina 708
Certina 148Certina 25-681Certina 711
Certina 15-021Certina 25-682Certina 712
Certina 15-022Certina 251Certina 713
Certina 15-10Certina 255Certina 714
Certina 15-14Certina 257Certina 717
Certina 15-20Certina 258Certina 718
Certina 15-21Certina 260Certina 719
Certina 160Certina 261Certina 719-11
Certina 17-011Certina 262Certina 722
Certina 17-02Certina 263Certina 729
Certina 17-021Certina 27-031Certina 73-73A
Certina 17-10Certina 27-0313Certina 731
Certina 17-11Certina 27-032Certina 732
Certina 17-12Certina 27-0322Certina 734
Certina 17-211Certina 270Certina 737
Certina 17-221Certina 271Certina 738
Certina 17-25Certina 275Certina 738-1
Certina 17-251Certina 28-10Certina 739
Certina 17-351Certina 28-102Certina 741
Certina 17-36Certina 28-15Certina 743
Certina 17-361Certina 28-151Certina 744
Certina 170Certina 28-16Certina 744-1
Certina 171Certina 28-161Certina 748
Certina 180Certina 28-351Certina 749
Certina 182Certina 28-352Certina 74A
Certina 184Certina 28-353Certina 75
Certina 185Certina 28-45Certina 750
Certina 186Certina 28-451Certina 751
Certina 188Certina 28-55Certina 753
Certina 19-10Certina 28L-551Certina 753-1
Certina 19-11Certina 29-051Certina 755
Certina 19-14Certina 29-052Certina 756
Certina 19-25Certina 29-053Certina 768
Certina 19-251Certina 29-0531Certina 769
Certina 19-26Certina 29-057Certina 770
Certina 19-30Certina 29-062Certina 772
Certina 19-31Certina 29-063Certina 774
Certina 19-35Certina 29-0631Certina 778
Certina 19-351Certina 29-064Certina 779
Certina 19-36Certina 29-151Certina 780
Certina 19-45Certina 29-152Certina 786
Certina 19-451Certina 29-251Certina 787
Certina 19-55Certina 29-252Certina 788
Certina 19-551Certina 300Certina 8041
Certina 191Certina 301Certina 828
Certina 20-10Certina 304Certina 854-1
Certina 200Certina 31-061Certina 88
Certina 2094ACertina 310Certina 920-1